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Agostini Nautica - Realizzazione modello centinato

Ever since the beginning of its molding activity, Agostini Nautica has believed that manufacturing fiberglass products was not a craft but rather an industrial activity and to achieve better results it had to be regarded and carried out as such.
Over the years, the Company has kept on adapting to changes in the nautical sector: more complex projects, larger boats, more difficult materials to process, stricter environmental regulations, higher quality standards.
This ability to evolve constantly has allowed the Company to work during all these years with the most important and prestigious Italian shipyards among which we can mention:



Cantiere Se.Ri.Gi.



F.lli Marchi



Cantiere del Pardo

Cantieri di Fiumicino

Mondo Marine

Cantieri Navali Sciallino


MonteCarlo Yachts

Cantieri Navali Baglietto



Motomar International



Cantieri di Pisa

Dalla Pietà Yachts


Nord Marine Yachts

Agostini Nautica - InfusioneCertifications by organizations like Bureau Veritas, America Bureau of Shipping, Det Norseke Veritas, Rina and Lloyds Registers, bear witness to the quality of our professionally designed products: extremely light and resistant hulls, which use the latest research and technology solutions and the best resins in the market.
We laboratory test our products on a constant basis in ordAgostini Nautica - Trasportoer to guarantee strict observance of the technical parameters of raw materials, both by ourselves and by our clients, with whom we test new proposals, deploying special techniques and new materials as soon as these are proven to be effective.

Agostini Nautica has still the same ambition it had when it all began: being considered a top level part of the Customer’s production chain.